Monday, September 25, 2006

35 work hours and counting...

One more week of work stands between me and vacation. I hope there is nothing diabolical in the next week that freezes time or grants me my own personal Ground Hog Day a la Bill Murr(ay?). That would be tragic and I think I'd not be able to endure.

As it is this morning, I am awake and ready to attack the day. It will be a trying week because my boss is off today and Wednesday and on Thursday I will see her less than an hour. I think Friday and Saturday she is there normal days, but whenever she is out, people get a little crazy. It is like they need to find something to get away with and they never really do because one of their other coworkers usually tells on them. I am sure they think it is me tattling, but I reserve that for things that are truly important, either ethical or safety issues, and even then, my boss has usually already heard of it. I will be delighted to be away from it all for 10 days.

After the 10 days, I think I am back a week and a half and then taking another 5 days off. PTO is a wonderful thing. I think I might even need to take a week in November. i have a kajillion hours and I can only carry over 36 of them to next year. I. Will. Not. Lose. Any. Most of my coworkers are whiney about me taking excess vacation. Jealousy is so unattractive.

Time for the grind.


weese said...

vacation... vacation often - as i always say.

WordsRock said...

I'm envious of your PTO. But I'm glad you make good use of it!

the only daughter said...

I am wilting, bit by bit, every single day, limping towards 10/11/06-when I will finally be off-for (with the weekend) 5 glorious days.

Enjoy. every. single. second. Sounds like you've earned it.