Monday, September 04, 2006

Three chicks gettin' nekkid

Originally uploaded by queenmaxine.
Ok, we really didn't get totally nekkid but it's an incredible simulation. Here we are at Tonkawa Falls in Crawford, vacation home of the Walking Onion Bulb.

We get to Tonkawa Falls and not only are there no falls there isn't really much of a pool of water to swim in. It was a stagnant pool of water. How fitting considering we were in Dubya country.

There is a picture of the Walking Onion Bulb and his wife the Walking Scallion, as you enter Crawford. I would have like to paint a mustache on both of them but we might have gotten lynched.

We stopped by the 'peace house' where Cindy Sheehan took her first stand against The Bulb. Camp Casey is around the corner. We met the very last hippie, Michael. Omigod. Hip-ola. Feathers in his hair and everything. Just stepped out of Woodstock. Wavy Gravy redux. I tried really hard not to laugh. It worked.

Today we're hanging around Austin/SA lakes (SA is what the natives call San Antonio).

Life is good.


WordsRock said...

What a fascinating photo series. I envision a frame with three slots, each one displaying a traveler in a towel. It belongs on your mantel.

What fun memories.

the only daughter said...

Yeah mantle good. Poster sized triptych better?

Looks like ya'll havin' a ball !