Tuesday, September 12, 2006


my wife, is such a babe...She is the finest ass bitch in the universe...it's true and now everyone in the blogosphere knows it...there are roses gently fragrancing the air...a new vienna teng cd...a jacque pepin cookbook...a new preety paper journal...a knitting book...i am so ready to swoon again...baby...sigh...ireallyfuckingloveyou...

I had a whole list of stuff I was going to do today, and damn-it-all, I really should have written it down. I think that "Write It Down" will be the credo as I embark on 42. I am getting o-l-d. My dad writes everything down because his recent memory has been shot for more than a coujple of years now, but he is closing in on 79. That's legitimate, yes? I think the next thing I do this morning will be to try and locate that cute little notebook I have so I can take it with me always and begin to use it again. If I can't find it I will stop by B and N and just get another one. They are five bucks and well worth the remembering factor. In the mean time, I can try to focus on salvaging my to-do list. Or not. goddess time always prevails.


cj said...

Happy belated, by the way.

the only daughter said...

Don't despair, not remembering stuff can come in handy or letting the goddess handle it-that works too.

Cute little notebooks are always good, even if you don't remember to note in them.


maxine said...

"Cute little notebooks are always good, even if you don't remember to note in them."


Thanks, CJ!

chapin said...

Happy belated birthday as well Maxine. I think we should change the date to either 9-10 or 9-12. I'm glad you had a great day and just know that I'm all about little notebooks. :-)

weese said...

i love lists

KMae said...

Beautiful post about how much you love Elizabeth!! As if we didn't know after that gi-normous tattoo!!

Well, 42 yes, it's time to start lists. It's okay. And it's not only that you are growing older, but you now have SO much living you've already done, it is hard to remember it all & keep up.

Uh, sounds good anyway.
That's what I tell myself!