Wednesday, September 27, 2006


And I am done. I have just completed the nasty ass 12 hours of continuing education requirement to renew my cosmetology license. I should be thaqnkful that it was in the form of an online self paced course and I managed to do it for $45 rather than hundreds for an in the classroom course, but honestly, I totally resent it.

The course was so half assed. I can't believe that someone in the licensing office in TX actually read through the material or sat through it at least once. There is nno way. I found so many errors in it, not in the material itself, but in the way it was presented. The pages were individually timed so as to record progress and insure 12 hours of attendance, yet I was done reading the two paragraphs per page in half the time so really I only got 6 hours of material. Then there were pages where the text ended with a comma or some other pause, only yo be a new topic on the next page. And content? 90% of the content is focused toward the small salon owner/employee. and 50% of it pertained to nails, and maybe 25% to skincare. An entire hour on marketing. What the fuck does that have to do with me needing to renew my hair license?

Poorly executed all around, but I have my trusty little certificate of completion to mail off tomorrow.

That and 19.5 more hours in the work week. Thank you, little baby jesus.

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