Thursday, July 13, 2006

One. More. Day.

Anytime I am taking some time off, there is always pre-vaca whangling with my normal work schedule. Our two part time receptionists are both night/weekend, which mostly works aout well. It affords me a Tuesday through Saturday 10-6 schedule. I like the consistency or at the very least have gotten used to it.

When I want time off, the challenge is in seeing that the desk is covered adequately. My boss usually has to juggle her own schedule and pick up a lot of the slack herself, because until the salon has a year end sales figure, our desk hours are very limited. Once we have more hours, another day person will be added. Someone more flexible than our two current part timers.

In addition to me beimng off this weekend, both of the part timers have scheduling issues. One, who I coordinated my time with because she said she could work the Saturday, decided she needed this week off as abreak from both her jobs before she goes postal. The other had a family reunion pop up which takes her away mid shift on Sunday which I would normally happily cover for her. Because of the first part timer's request, I am working today which I originally asked for off as PTO. Not only am I working today, but I am working 12-9, as I did on Tuesday.

Working these two nights, while currently messing with my chi, have also introduced the possibility that I might miss working Tuesday and Thursday late. If it was the norm, I would still be in yoga class. I would also be able to piddle(not puddling piddle, but piddly shit piddle) more mornings.

There isn't any way to effectively change the schedule at this time, but it is something to throw onto the back burner and contemplate. Over cocktails. Tommorow. In NYC.


WenWhit said...

Yeesh, I hope your flight tomorrow am isn't as early as ours is on Saturday! Oh, well - at least your trip from Tejas is long enough to allow you some shut-eye on the plane, assuming you're not one of those peeps that "can't" sleep on a plane.

See you in the City!

WenWhit said...

Oh, and thank you for implanting "One Day More" from Les Miserables as today's "gonna haunt me all day" song.

the only daughter said...

The one thing I hate about taking off (the regular day job) is that all the work I left--and then some is there when I return. I have no back-up, no cover. Time off feels like punishment--anyway-ENOUGH about me...

I hope you'll be able to put all that stuff behind you, relax and have a positively joyful trip.