Sunday, November 07, 2004

I can be brilliant sometimes

I just figured out how to convert pics I have on yahoo so I can post them here on the blog!! Now, it's not like I have a tremendous archive in yahoo photo albums, but I do have a few pics over there, and it has caused great frustration that yahoo does not like to share so linking them has not been an option.

I hear you, just scan them again. Well, that takes time. In addition to time, the scanner needs to be hooked up by unhooking up something else. Pain in the ass.

So if I can convert them, pay attention, I can, I can use them at will here. The one below, Cool Chicks Hot Day, is of E and my bestest friend K. We went to visit my folks for a week in June of 2000. I know I put 2001 in the caption, but I am rethinking that and I do not know how to edit the caption so let me correct it, 2000.

We took a boat up the river and I had the best view whenever K stopped rowing, E had her paws all over her, and I got to film it all! No scandal here. No dyke drama. Sorry to disappoint.

And now I can remember it all over again due to my brilliance!

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