Monday, November 15, 2004

I heard the owl call my name...

Last night, E came in and told me she wished she had the camera to take a pic of this baby owl she saw in the tree. As the camera is right here in front of me, I pointed to it, and she said it had flown away.

We went back out and she showed me where it was and where she thought it had flown. I asked if she checked the persimmon tree, to which she answered no, because it had flown, she thought, toward the magnolia.

As we walked around the magnolia, sure enough it was there in the persimmon tree. By the time E was back with the camera, the owl was back in the crepe myrtle, where she saw it to begin with. The pic below is the result of her efforts.

It is impossible for me to tell if the owl is a baby or just a small breed of owl. I have never seen one here in Houston otherwise.

The thing it brought to mind for me was when I first got Nola, our Miniature Pinscher. I was subscribed to a MinPin list and one of the members wrote in a warning for owners living in the country with the risks od predatory birds which can swoop down and pluck the little buggers right up. I was wondering if baby owl has a momma nearby stalking little miss Nola.

My second wonder was if it is someone's pet. I still wonder this. I will have to remember to look tonight to see if the owl is in the yard again.

This morning, I have my semiannual cleaning at the dentist's office. I saw a different hygenist this time and she was brutal enough to make me cry. I was careful last time to reschedule with the same person I saw who did not hurt me, but I had to reschedule my appointment because my shcedule at work changed, and since we always rebook with the same person in the salon if a client has to reschedule, it did not occur to me that I might get moved to someone else. I did not realize until near the end of my cleaning that it was a different tech. Same hair color, older, and only y second time at this office. I will never be sitting in that bitch Melanie's chair again.


wintermelonsoup said...

Back in the summer I saw a similar owl on a powerline in the residential street just down from us where I walk Ramen. I, too, wondered if it was a baby or just a small breed. I stood at watched it for several minutes, never having seen one other than when out camping. Cool huh?


Anonymous said...

Wow, what a cutie! I hope he comes back!

PS, did you read that my old, blind, bunny friend found a home?