Thursday, November 16, 2006

I need to be careful

A few years ago, there was an unfortunate incident. Dear Sweet Elizabeth, who is so damn fine she walks on water, was going to the grocery store. She asked me if I wanted anything. Pork roll. I wanted pork roll.

I explained to DSE in great detail exactly where the pork roll was. The problem arose in that she went to a different store. Supposedly, I gave her the look that is reserved mostly for my wasband, on occasion for my children, for various dumbshits I might encounter otherwise, but never for someone so Dear and Sweet (who is so damn fine she walks on water) as Elizabeth.

So this week at work, my boss is trying to understand the new set plan for salon merchandise. Our front shelves are configured as 10 columns with a 3/7 split left and right. More precisely, a 3/3,2,2 right split.

The new set plan calls for a 3/2,5 configuration. Please note, this still adds up to 10 columns. Where we have on the right a 3, 2, 2, the plan requires a 2, 5. Can we change our existing shelving? No, absolutely not. Are the more than 1000 existing JCP salons even remotely close to the new requested configuration? Fuck, no. Does someone at corporate have a vision problem? Likely.

So my boss, whom I respect and admire greatly, just isn't getting the necessity of adapting the 2, 5 to fit out 3, 2, 2 shelving. I gave her the look, but thankfully, she did not see it. If she did see it, she totally ignored it. She stretched the 3 out to a 2 which left a 4, not a 5. I tried really hard all day, to consciously refrain from giving her the look. Luckily, it has been aone person job with her asking for help from a stylist who was not particularly busy this week.

It took a lot of effort to not go adjust it all after she left. Tomorrow, she is off and I will be enough over it to not give it another thought past hitting the publish button.

In other news, I am a working (paid) artist!!

There was something else, but DSE has just returned from suburbia.


the only daughter said...

Bosses and their plans.
Sheesh. You showed incredible restraint by not forcing the look. Maybe DSE can bring you a toy. :)

Kewl about the paid artist news! woo woo way to go !

WordsRock said...

Yea for being a paid artist! Now you can starve. :)

Kidding of course. It's cool to earn money for your creativity. Very exciting, Max.

KMae said...

DSE must be so happy for you getting paid for artwork!!
That is wonderful news!

It's so cool how y'all dig each other so much!

Anonymous said...

ooo an artist... who is paid
nice job Max.