Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Two done on Tuesday morning

So both my retablo and my taop secret project are done. I will take some pics of the retablo tonight when I get home. That means I get to knit! Or read. Or take pictures for Ravelry. That sounds good.

Right now I am waiting for the tech support technician to come in at Micro Center. Brandon, the hardware guy who replaced the hardrive said it is not a hardware issue and it might be a software issue. You see, since the hardrive has been replaced, the mac cannot receive the airport wireless signal. Sound fishy? EB thinks so and I remain on te fence.

Tomorrow, William will be cooking fish for dinner. Mahimahi is the plan, but I think it will depend on if that is available. He has never made this dish. I am not sure he has ever eaten it either. But he has been jonesing to cook it for us and tomorrow is the night. And he has invited his new friend. Who is a girl. But not to be confused as his new girlfriend. And hhe is cooking something new. Brave chef.

So tonight it will be a trip to the grocery store and then the chef has the someone is coming to the house cleaning list. Woo.

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the only daughter said...

My young man had a girl, not to be confused with girlfriend, over to his place for dinner. He didn't prepare anything overly ambitious--still he sought advice and suggestions.

I got the report later that it was a smashing success!

How was the fish?