Thursday, July 21, 2005

Who needs the Red Hat society

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While partying like a rockstar, C heard the call over the PA system at the pool hall.

"The next person to come to the bar in a weird hat gets a free drink."

Lightning speed ensued with C fashioning a hat from a napkin twisted into a bow and a pair of take out chopsticks. In true McGuyver fashion, she used her existing hair clip to secure the hat's position on her head.

Upon getting to the bar, the bartender said he said mint, not drink. She pleaded her case saying she came all the way to TX from NJ for the SLick Willies experience, and she ended up getting a free minty drink. It was a clear shot of something which with a little encouragement, she tossed back like a pro.

We now have a rep at the poolhall. (Like we didn't have one already, yeah, sure.)


Elizabeth said...

Crystal is awesome!

Crystal said...

Crystal needs to get her act together!