Saturday, July 09, 2005

Countdown mode

Just one more week until The Grand Affair. Whoosh. My mom sent a contribution and in her letter, said it was from her alone and not to be thanked for in email or phone or anything. This means my dad does not know she sent the check.

So now the question of the day is did he see the invitation and know about the party? If so, there is a likelihiid that he will also send a check.

My mom also said she would take care of the hotel when my son and I come visit for a week in August. I was pretty sure she would, but it is nice to have confirmation.

At some time over the last decade, my mom has gotten very sentimental and emotional. It is nice and touching, of course, but it is still odd to me to notice these qualities in her. She has always been very flat to me. Not quite stone, but certainly some hard edges.

E's observation is of the emotional side as she met my mom about 5 years ago. I wonder if I will ever see the same change in my sister. She is less stone, more angry. She has issues and we are not really close in a way that I know what they are, but I know she has them. My neice has enlightened me a little on that and she and I are closer than her mom and I will ever be. Part of that is that I am closer in age to her than to her mom and she was around a lot when I was younger.

Time for work.


Cris said...

Family, such fun, aren't they?
Enjoy your countdown mode as you prepare for this very special day, and enjoy your family of choice.

weese said...

I am sending well wishes for the very exciting week leading up to your nuptuals.

Crystal said...

I'm just getting caught up here, as I AGAIN lost the link to this. Yeah, your sister's an angry girl, but as I've been telling Matt, family is what you make it. You can't put too much effort into people who don't enhance your life in some way.