Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Head spinning

So, if your head spins around too many times at the possibilities of it all, it being life, I suppose, does it remain attached until you get to unwind?

Three trips to the airport this week, work today and tomorrow, yoga, picking up miscellaneous crap all over the place, pool, dogs to the kennel, paint and paint some more. OK, well the painting is E, but I have to watch her do it because I just have to watch her do everything because she is so damn cute and sexy. MMMMMMMMMMM and sex. All that has to be done in a coordinated effort this week. It will all work out fine because it's all good, and the queen of it's all good who scholled me in the philosophy herself, Trisha, will be the first to arrive tomorrow after work.

E's arm is still bleeding a little I think. It looks rather nasty what with tissue threatening to burst forth if she flexes her muscle at all, and she does because there is work to be done dammit. An inch further to the right, and the gash would be through her tattoo. Not pretty. As it is, the gash should have been stitched, three or four times, and the bruise is horrendous. It was visible almost instantly and rather than black and blue, it is pretty much just black.

I wish I had taken pics of the various hodge podge of bandaiding we did. First it was two or three regular size bandaids overlapping slightly. That did the trick for about a minute until they were saturated with blood. Then there was the thought to tape toilet tissue over the wound. More absotbant, yes, but would also stick, so no. Hmmmm...absorbant...blood...LET'S USE KOTEX!! Thus we make the transition from bandaids to panty liners. Whatever get's you through the night, s'alright. S'alright.

I think today E is back to bandaining with the larger one inch bandaids. Whether we had gone to the drug store for the proper bandaids in the first place or whether we go to restock which we now need to do, we still need to add the drugstore to the head spinning to-do list.

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weese said...

I hope E has stopped bleeding.
My wife and I will raise our glasses to you two tonight in the romantic firelight of the 2.99 tikki torches.