Monday, July 04, 2005

Is it really morning?

I just read about the new Blogger Image feature and while it doesn't directly say it is not available for Mac users, it is not. I do not have any of the feature buttons available like spell check, the link button, none of it. Thankfully, Flickr is easily usable. As for spell check, the occasional mis-spelled word will have to be tolerated.

I need a better night's rest. I have been very restless for about a month now and it is really getting tiresome. If not up every hour looking at the clock, it is close to that. Tiresome about sums it up.

I added a few recent reads to my list at the left and a sI go through the bookshelves to straighten them out, I might fiond a few more. Today it will be alternating between doing the books, the laundry, and watching more of season two of La Femme Nikita. I had even considered hitting the beach today, but since I am not already there, that won't be happening. Maybe some chair time in the backyard.

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