Friday, July 29, 2005

Happy Birthday, Ma

I can pretty comfortably say my mom is not a reader here, but I thought it fine to acknowledge it's her special day. I think she is 73 today and I might be struck dead by lightning if in fact she is 72 or, gulp, 71. I really should know this and when I call her later I will certainly ask.

I am going home in a few weeks and will see her then. I guess it has been two years since I saw her last and three years since I saw my dad. My mom is delighted that I have absolutely no agenda for this trip. She is thrilled that my bestest friend Kim has zero likelihood of also visiting her folks at the same time. That means I am available only to her. She really likes it. And, I will have a car. That means galavanting. In a serious way. I will rack up thousands of miles because I have no agenda. Also, because they live in the mountains of upstate NY and you rack up thousands of miles just going to the grocery store.

My youngest son will be meeting me at the Albany airport and I haven't seen him in a year either. My oldest son I haven't seen in three years and I figure he will be cooking me an omelette at the Hilton on Sunday.

I do want to have my sister alter a few dresses for me so I will have to arrange that. And Connor wants to hike into Copperas Pond so that will be a nice day event. Mom wants to do a yard sale on Saturday. Maybe I will see if there is some sort of VT day trip to a flea market or something for Sunday. I know mom is aching to get out of the house without the ball and chain.

And speaking of the ball and chain, E made a comment on Paulie's picture. Actually she was quoting him. We went to lunch with Paul and Fred last week. In discussing it, He sounded weird so I asked him if he wanted to lunch solo or with the ball and chains. He replied without a hitch, (hear Paul Lynde) "Honey, you know I can't wipe my ass without my ball and chain."

Barking dogs, gotta go.

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