Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Time for some CD inventory

Sometime during the last year, we bought some lovely silk photo boxes from the Container Store. We are repurposing them to be used for CD storage. Currently, they are holding the CDs loosely in bulk. Since I am between books, I think I might take a box of them to work today to get started on alphabetizing. I got some paper sleeves for them which I will use and the boxes come with dividers. I think a straight alphabetical without sub-categories will be the initial sort.

A few years ago, we had the bright idea to purge ourselves of the bulk of the plastic cases and put the CDs into albums. Not so good for us. I did keep the liner notes for most of them, so that will be step two pf the project, getting the liner notes back wiith their respective CDs.

Box of CDs, paper sleeves, Sharpie, all set to go.

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