Thursday, August 04, 2005

Don't wanna get up...

I am feeling lazy and sluggish and i really wanted to go to the beach this morning.


i guess I was just not supposed to be there. History has taught me that yoga is where i need to be this morning, so I am getting my ass up out of bed in a few minutes, into the shower, and out the door. Hmph.

Vacation in two week s will be nice. I hope. Haven't seen my folks in a couple of years and my youngest(14) who is meeting me in NY for a year, so it will be a nice mini reunion. My oldest(20) lives up there now and I haven't seen him since he left the nest 3 years ago. Interesting. He is training in the Lake Placid Hiltom to be a chef and has worked there since moving. I think he is currently a pantry man. I just learned from my mom that he has also acquired a tattoo gun. He is a decent artist, but i am thinking I would rather pay someone at this point. We shall see. E asked, "So he knows about how sanitary he needs to be?" My question exactly.

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Miss Crystal said...

I would never let my child or my parent permanently leave a mark on me. (Besides the genetic and psychological ones, of course!) There are way too many possibilities for Freudian "accidents" or hidden resentments or misunderstandings, and it would be just my luck to end up with a permanent symbol of what one really thinks of me.