Tuesday, August 30, 2005

I may never again speak...

...to that sorry ass hateful mother fucker to whom I was married. He has finally succeeded in making me regret the day I said 'I do'. I might even regret the day we first met, though I am not sure if the implications of that would infer I regret the son we share, which certainly I do not.

Sorry. Ass. Hateful. Mother. Fucker. Motherfucker.



Crystal said...

I'm sorry. What the hell is he doing to you?

In other news, what happened to E's journal and emerald pillows?

maxine said...

He is just a sorryass. I have known this for sometime, but he just provedit once more so now I have to work out a phone code with Connor for when he calls as I just will not be answering calls from that number unless I know it is C.

As for E's blog and EP, unofficial/official hiatus until further notice.

Cris said...

they can be real jerks sometimes. Is there a way for C to check in at specific times so you know the call is from him? or email first? or what about getting him a cell phone with his own number?

Why do these idiots make it so complex, and not just focus on whats best for the child/ren and let the rest go.

hang in there!

thanks for sharing about EP and E's blog, I was beginning to wonder....but as long as she is working at "happily ever-aftering" then we can wait to hear from her.
(my way of hoping everything is ok!)

maxine said...

Thanks Cris. Happily ever aftering is our way of life. We refer to it as being on Goddess Time.

E decided that EP and her blog were consuming far too much of her time ans she sees time as a precious commodity. I would wager they will resurface at some point because truth be told, she just can't hold her pee.