Sunday, August 21, 2005


I am sitting at the cafe in Lake Placid once again, considering it my detox time. There were eight of us for Sunday brunch at the Hilton, my mom and dad, my sister Lynn and her son Ian, Brenda and bill, and Connor and myself. Brunch itself was not worthy of detoxing, but the weekend visiting without E certainly is. After brunch I went down Main St in LP for some minor shopping with Lynn and Ian. We ended up at Adirondack Yarns and i bought nothing!! E will be so happy.

I reparked the car down here by the cafe and came in for a Chai Latte. When visiting LP, be careful not to asked for a Chai, because that gets you nothing but tea bag chai. Yuckola. Yuckadoo.

There is a man sitting two tables away from me who looks exactly how I imagine Duffer would look after not seeing him for about 20 years if, in fact, if I hadn't seen him three years ago. It isn't Duffer, but he looks like Duffer should be looking. Duffer is Chef William's father. When he and I were together for three years, he was so into fitness that I would never imagine he would ever have anything other than the 27 inch waist he had then.

When I delivered Chef William to him three years ago, I was shocked to see him with a good hundred pounds or so additional...and balding. Badly. I wish I had before and after pics for the illustration.

So this guy is sitting here and has no clue how close I would be to saying hi and talking to him as if he were my ex.

After brunch, Connor went home with Poppy and Nanny because Pop was going to take him shooting. My mom is not up to walking Main Street or I am sure she would have stayed. I am not up for another day od sitting in her house as it really is rather depressing. That means I need to come up with something to do tomorrow. Connor will want to go shooting as it will be the last opportunity. Maybe the boat ride in LP. Maybe something else. We shall see.

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