Monday, August 15, 2005

I just learned something new.

I was trying to figure out how to edit comments to remove the comment spam I got on the previous post. I looked around the Blogger dashboard but found nada. Zippo. Then, I just had the brilliant idea to go look at the FAQ page and search 'edit comments'. There it was simple as can be.

And this was all made possible by Dear Sweet Elizabeth who corrupted my desire to bail on my yoga class today. I think that I might not even be missed by my students. Well, maybe by three or four of the 15, but not entirely. I won't see them for two weeks now as vacation draws ever closer. The decision will then need to be made as to whether or not i go back to teaching them.

As E mentioned on her blog today, we have been teaching at a facility for troubled youth. A lockdown facility. She is teaching mural making, and i am teaching yoga. We are each with a group of 15 young women. Teenagers. High schoolers. We had been warned that all the volunteers who take ona program usually leave after three weeks. Of course, this is week three.

It isn't the kids that make everyone run or just not come back. it is the staff. Terri, our friend and the facilitator of all these programs, says it is because they are underpaid. Actually, most of the staff are just glorified babysitters. They are well paid for that position. There are obvious flaws in the system, and it is bothersome to feel like one of the flaws.

This is not something i willl really dwell on, but I feel there has to be some solution. Of course, the solution might be to not go back. I will reserve judgement til after vacation.





Crystal said...

I saw this posted, and realized that it's closer to your region than mine. Would you care to look at it, and then possibly spread the word in whatever ways you see fit?

Crystal said...

Also, the message runs off the page, so you need to kind of chase after it, since your comment box is sorta narrow. (That sounds like the beginning of a really bad joke.)