Sunday, August 21, 2005

The Saga 8/05 part 3

Technically, this is day 5, but since Wednesday was totally lost to travel it is day 4. The fourth day should have E and i back together as I instituted a three day rule early on in our relationship. On occasion there is little to be done about enforcing this rule, and I am ready to be back with my baby. Three days/nights I can handle well enough, beyond that, I just don't like it. I guess that means some retail therapy is required.

Truth be told, I don't like it for one night. I want her with me always.

So today is Sunday and we are meeting family at the Hilton in Lake Placid for Sunday brunch. If willie remembered, he made us a 1230 reservation and we won't have to wait. My sister Lynn and her son Ian will come down from Plattsburgh and Brenda and Bill who we have known long enough to make them family, will join us after church. Add Connor, my mom and maybe my dad to myself and we should be a party of eight.

William tends the omelette station for sunday brunch so that might be the required meal this morning. He said he will try to keep his chef's whites fresh for pictures that long.

It has been interesting seeing him after three years. Apparently he is quite put out with his father and refers to him as Duffer, his nickname, or That Crazy Man. I find it interesting because I have never said a disparaging word about him, and for the first 17 years of his life they had little contact. It is just another small affirmation to see him figuring this out for himself. He has lived with his father for nearly three years now and is in the process of finding his own place. There is an apartment house here which is the equivalent of the projects, but is actually fairly recent construction. It is state subsidized housing and Willie's pastor is helping him to get approved. At least he is not hinting around to come back to Texas.

So he has found god, too. That is a conversation I have managed to side step fairly easily. He had taken Thursday and Friday off so I saw quite a bit of him those days. Every time we stopped back at the hotel, he sat on the edge of the bed and picked up the bible and began reading to pass the time while he waited for me.


Connor has been relatively calm so far. His soul focus is on going target shooting with his pop. My dad says the only requirement is that he display a modicum of maturity. Connor is 14. A modicum is at times a stretch, but he is holding his own. My dad takes every opportunity to remind Connor he is supposed to be mature. It is much easier for him now that his brother has gone back to work. Oil and water, those two.

So Connor is very well adapted to taking my father's criticisms. He also takes every opportunity to mock my dad. This does not go unnoticed, and really, it seems the best way for him to handle my dad. I never thought of anyone as handling my dad, but Connor is already a master. He gives better than he gets most times, and my dad is so taken off guard by it, all he can do is laugh about it. It is perhaps the closest he will come to having a mini-me.

Life has been a comedy these past few days.

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