Sunday, August 07, 2005

Dried cantelope, sour cream, bagels, and rainbow sherbet

Is that a menu or what. That is actually my grocery purchases tonight on my way home from dinner with my friend Beth.

Earlier today, E and I went to the farmer's market and got some produce for the week. We scored two seedless watermelons, two cantelopes, red potatoes, bananas and strawberries. There are still squash and onions left from last week. When we are good about going to the market weekly, and good about cutting the produce when arriving home, we are pretty good then eating better, or healthier, through the week.

We also stopped at Costco where we got the nedded toilet paper and bottled water, dishwasher tablets, and eggs. We neglected to buy the also needed tamponskis and we added blueberries.

this is where the sour cream comes in, as a companion to the blueberries, breakfast tomorrow morning is already calling my name. The bagels i just knew we were in need of, and the dried cantelope and rainbow sherbet are pure impulse purchases. All in all, still a pretty healthful shopping day.

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