Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Almost home

Two times on this trip I had a NY state trooper pull out of a freeway trooper hidey spot right behind me. the first time, I was on my way up to the mountains from the Albany airport. I had cruise control set on 70 and the speed limit was 65. I was in the right lane and there were two other cars in the left lane who had been steady next to me for quite a while, so i imagine their cruise was set on 70 also. It was just after twilight. Most of the trooper cars here are dark blue Crown Vi8c's with no bubble rack on top. Stuck into the turn around with the radar gun and just waiting, They are nearly invisible at night against the trees.

Lucky for me, the lead car to my right was about a car length in front of me pretty much sheilding me from the radar gun. I would have never heard the end of my father ranting all week long if I had been the lead car. Of course, I would have been able to keep my mouth shut about it, but Connor would have surely let it slip.

My second brush was just coming here from the mountains. Same situation and maybe my cruise was 71 or 72. Trooperman got a CRV behind me this time. Whew. Note to myself for future trips to the Adirondacks: CRUISE IS TO ?BE SET AT THE SPEED LIMIT. PERIOD.

So we are checked in and we are signed up for the 4:30 shuttle to the airport with a 4AM wakeup call. My flight leaves at 620 and connor's at 655.


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Kim said...

Hey there...glad to hear the Adirondacks just passed bearable without me [and E of course :) ] We'll be up there this weekend...I'll watch for the cops! Love you...Kisses to E