Thursday, August 18, 2005

Two disappointments in one and so early in the morning

Two disappointments in one and so early in the morning

Yes, there is enough time to go back to the McD's counter and bitch them out for giving me the wrong breakfast sandwich before i board the plane. No, it just isn't worth the effort and I will chalk it up to fate telling me I was not supposed to eat that crap anyway. At least they got my water right.

That was one.

Now for two, WIFI signs all over the place making me think I can log on and blog my disgust with said McD's. When will I learn that "WIFI access" is not the same as "FREE WIFI access"?

I suppose it is the beginning of my week-long detox. I will be detoxing off of the internet, sure. My folks live in the middle of nowhere. They do have internet access, but they are not likely set up for wireless, and my Mac is not set-up for anything else. Planning might have dictated that I might prepare for that and set it up and pack the phone cord, but no. Didn't happen.

I hope to at least find a cafe offering FREE WIFI in Lake Placid, but I am not betting on it, so this might not even get posted until I get back to Houston.

A cafe. Sigh. I am not sure there is any Starbucks anywhere near my destination, either. I meant to do a search at their site last night but I forgot. I can at least do that on my dad's computer when I get there. I might suffer serious withdrawal. Or it might be a good thing. Spell check says that is the correct spelling of withdrawal. Not so sure.

Drama part 2
So I get off the plane in Chicago, and there is a voice mail from my son. "I overslept. I missed my plane but I am on the next one which comes in at 530 or something. I will try to call again you must be on the plane."

I called my mom to let her know we would not be arriving by 6 just so she would not be all wigged out. You see, my folks are 2-3 hours drive from the airport.

I then get back onto a plane and take my hop to Albany from Chicago. I am waiting in baggage claim for Connor and remaining very calm. Meditation and yoga are serving me well. I was debating whether or not to bring any DVDs with me as I know it drains the battery of my laptop, but I figured I would give it a go and see how season 2 of La Femme Nikita ends up. At this point I am glad I brought them, the last two discs for S2, and while awaiting my son's arrival, I found an outlet by a bench in baggage claim. I can watch *and* recharge.

Finally, my phone rings again. Connor tells me the flight has been delayed with an 8:28 estimated arrival time. Ok, I couldn't help it, I released a heavy sigh.


C: Aw mom, don't get mad. It is vacation afterall.
Me: Clarify please, you missed your flight, and the one you got put onis being delayed. Both those things happened, not just one or the other? It started with you missing your flight?
C: Yeah. I did not set my alarm because I thought dad was getting me up. Dad said I should have set my alarm. My fault.
Me: Back up. Who is the parent, you or dad?
C: Dad.
Me: So it is his fault. Period. End of story.

I have innumerable past experience that dictates that any transaction involving Steven LaMont Witcher, will be convoluted. He. Is. Not. Reliable. Herein lies the source of my calm. I *know* this. It is a lesson I have mastered with great proficiency.

So I was watching Nikita and it occured to me, during the previous conversation with Connor, he informed me the airline mandated he fly UM status, unaccompanied minor. This bit of info delighted my mother, "That means he's not alone through all this mess."

So this little light bulb going off told me that I would not be able to meet my son in baggage claim as we had planned. I would have to sign for him and meet him at the gate. This raised a small panic in that I had absolutely no idea what flight my son was to be on and no number to call him back at. Let's not forget, no unticketed peeps allowed beyond security checkpoints. And I am still looking at a 3 hour drive and I woke up at 5 this morning after a brief stint awake and restless at 2 am.

I found check in and the man looked up the info and gave me a security pass. I check the monitor for the flight he gave me and it is the one that should have arrived at 2:35. The monitor says it is still delayed in Philly. But that is the flight he was supposed to be on, the one he missed.

So I am sitting here at the gate with peeps waiting for the Philly flight to get here so they can go back to Philly. Or get to Philly to transfer to London. Makes me wait more manageable. I imagine hearing E tell me, "Listen to someone else's troubles and you will keep your own." I am glad I am not worrying about making a London connection, though admittedly, I would gladly go to London.

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