Friday, December 31, 2004

No, not up late...not really...

I went to bed about 11 and was up at 137 this morning.


I am awake and raring to go, but not much to do that won't wake E. I know if I go sit and read I might fall back to sleep, just in time for the alarm to go off. I also know that when I am awake like this it is better to just stay up.

I think this afternoon, E is coming to meet me out at work at 3 and we will get a few things ala JCP. Then we are going to Slick Willie's to shoot some New Year's Eve pool. Not sure that we will be there til the witching hour, but we will have some fun for sure.

Ithe decision is pretty firm to get an iBook, and if all goes as anticipated, I might actually have it by this time next week. As soon as I am supposed to have it, I will.

I finished my final holday project at work last night. It is a meditation wrap for my yogi and I just need to add a little fringe, which I will do at work today. Getting that done means I can tackle some of the books on my 'to read' shelf.


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