Thursday, December 09, 2004

Sometimes I just love my family

I just had a chat conversation with my Aunt Patty. The cool aunt. You know the one, you know she must be your real birth mother because she is just so way cooler than you think your mom is, likely just because she is younger. And way cool. Never mind that she might have been really too young to have you herself. But oh, the potential for family scandal.

Aunt Patty is just great. No reaction when I had my first child (at 20) unmarried. No reaction when I married a black man (at 24). No reaction when I divorced (at 32). No reaction when I announced I was a lesbian (at34, though I knew at 29). No reaction when a month later, I moved to TX to be with Dear Sweet Elizabeth who I had only known online a few months. She really is that great.

Tonight in our chat she was asking what my youngest son's plans were for the holiday. I told her as far as I knew, he was staying in VA. She wants to go pick him up and take him to NY to see my folks and his brother. They need to see each other, she said. She also said they could even squeeze in a visit to his other grandmother.

Aunt Patty is the greatest...

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