Tuesday, December 28, 2004

New schedule weirdness

I switched position from stylist to receptionist in the salon, and already there is a pay increase, so it is definitely a good thing. I think the challenge is going to be getting used to a flexible schedule. As a stylist, my schedule was always the same week to week.

Last week I worked 21 hours, this weel 25, next week 36, then 3 weeks of 17 hours. 17 will be my minimum and once the receptionist I am replacing gets married, I will settle in to a solid 25 or so hours a week. I think that will be the end of February. The 17 hour weeks might pick up hours as she needs to do wedding stuff as well.

In general, rather than 9 or 10 hour days, it is 5-7 hour days, with most days being just 5 or 6 hours. My boss has been very considerate in letting me work a schedule around the yoga classes, so that is definitely a plus. This next 6 week session of yoga which starts Jan 3, I will be able to go to 4-5 classes a week. It's gonna kick my ass a little after a three week break, but I am committed to getting to every class I can.

I just went through and extended out my calendar for the next 6 weeks. In ink.

I also hope the next few weeks brings a new laptop so i can get writing appointments on my calendar again too. Outlook good.


Zooey said...


If you have been using a pc or mac for this long, why change?

Also, there is the "geek" and the "dork" factor.

If you want to be a "geek" and have that little glowing apple pointed at everyone, buy a mac. But if you are more a "dork"(like me) and want to do very uncool things like play games on yahoo, you can't on a mac. And apparently Yahoo games aren't just for dorks anymore. My mac-using girlfriend actually put down her PS1 remote to come play Bounce Out on my computer!

Also, would your new Dell Jukebox be compatible?

Good luck with the new laptop. Have fun.

maxine said...

I think it is a matter of portability with the 12 inch mac weighing in at under 5 pounds. I am computer-wise such a dork, I cannot play games on my laptop anyway, so that is not a factor. Also, we would be keeping the dell desktop we have and the dell dj is totally compatable there, so again, no issue. I think that the less virus thing is also a perk, and the fact that it is totally more stable. Also, since E is thinking of going to a mac, there is still compatability there as well.