Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yes I still want to keep him...

Wrecks (official name change going into effect) was extremely restless last night. He just wanted on the bed, but I am determined (at least not ready to give up) to keep him off the bed at night because he is just...too...big. He has a lovely old couch cushion which is acceptable to Sawyer, but for Wrecks it is either too lumpy, or just not big enough.

At about 330 in the morning, I decided E needed to get *some* sleep, so Wrecks and I went out to the living room. I was reasonably settled in and half asleep before Wrecks decided to get on the couch with me. I was mostly on my back, and Wrecks was eyeing a spot between my legs and the back of the couch.

In the process of vaulting his slightly less than coordinated 60 pound puppy self over my legs, he actually stepped on my knee directly with all his weight. Let's just call him Graceless. I sat up straight with my knee still hyper-extended, and for a moment thought something might need medical attention. The knee was not moving.

Slowly but surely, I got some bend back into my knee, only to be met by a killer charlie horse in my calf. I have some shapely rock hard calves going on, and when a charlie horse decides to visit, it is usually staying for a while.

Today, all seems well enough. There is a little bit of sensation in my knee if I move a certain way, but otherwise, business as usual.

Wrecks will be getting a lovely new bed, maybe as early as Wednesday night, definitely by Friday. Costco has a nice big one that is a tapestry fabric on one side and a faux lambswool on the other for around $20.

Now to refine the rest of the Costco list.

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