Thursday, December 23, 2004

The brother vibe

Surely the brother vibe is still working. I am not quite sure exactly how to describe it. I no longer flirt with men, but black men in particular, certainly still flirt with me. Perhaps Papu has sent out a general memo that I have been promiscuous with negroes.

When E asks me what it's all about, I can only tell her that in my experience, black men like thick grrls. ANd having great legs is a plus. Oh, and let's not forget the tits. Or the fact that I can be sorta cute. But the key, in my experience, is that I am a thick grrl.

E called me at work on Tuesday to tell me the appraiser was coming on Wednesday and gave me his number to call him to arrange a time. She said that the brother vibe could be an asset. I told her I would be sure to give him good phone.

I set up the time for 8-10 Wednesday morning as that was his first choice, and I would then not have to change any of my other plans for my only day off before xmas. I gave Davis my best sultry phone voice, and even though it was just a phone call, I had a sense of strictly business from him, very matter-of-fact. Either that, or my brother vibe was seriously rusty. I just don't intentionally use it anymore.

Davis arrived by 9, and immediately, I saw that there was nothing wrong with the brother vibe. Davis was in his 50s. That in itself would not be a factor. He had his daughter with him. Either she is teen years and on school holiday, or maybe early 20s andlearning the business from dad. In short, he is a respectable family man. Just not the type of negro one can be promiscuous with I guess.

The rest of my day yesterday was totally on goddess time. three days before xmas and I was expecting my day to be shadowed by chaos.

I went to lunch with Beth at Pappasito's and Megan came along. I haven't seen her in a while, so that was nice. After lunch I had foour stops in mind. Sloan/Hall, Whole Foods, Body, Bath & More, and Costco.

SLoan/Hall carries a lot of designer jewelry, and I can always find something I like there. They also have a lot of high end luxury candles, fragrances and bath products. Their selection of books is quirky at best, and they have some eclectic cds available that I definitely want, but they are mostly imports, so pricey. It's safe to say it is in general, a pricey foofy store. But, I love it.

Sloan/Hall also has an interesting assortment of greeting cards. One line in particular is clitter accented, and I usually choose one of them for E's xmas card. Any time I need a special occasion card, I get it at Sloan'Hall.
Three days before xmas, their selection sucks. I did get one. I don't like it.

On the way to S/H, I realized I passed Whole Foods. Cross that right off the list. I am going there tonight. I just need to pick up some pork tenderloin for our cozy little intimate xmas eve dinner. I am going to preset the table tomorrow morning so that even if E makes it home before I get home from work, she is surprised. I might even pick her up a bottle of wine. Good plan. I guess the surprise is compromised if she reads the blog while in Dallas, but too bad.

My next stop was Body, Bath & More. They are a small candle boutique in Rice Village shops. Another foofy store that I adore. I needed to pick up some Circle E candles. I knew thay have a website, but I just googled them for the first time. I am surprised to see they are a little cheaper where I shop. Support local merchants!! I got a few new fragrances and a few I know we like. I really could do some damage in that store.

My final stop was at Costco. I really wanted a tin of their chocolate dipped cookies for the holiday. I was going to get one when I was there over the weekend, but I did not want them to be dogged before xmas. Sold out. Oh well. I guess I just need to bake some more cookies tonight.

Maybe I will go bake now before work. Perfect.

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