Thursday, December 16, 2004

Frank ROCKS!!

We have heat! We still have to make a $300 repair in January, but Frank wired the fan direct so that it runs all the time. That way as we need heat, it can be given. The caveat is that we cannot run the a/c until the repair is made. 70 degree days forecast next week, but we can be naked if necessary, or rather I can be as E will be out of town a few days up in Dallas. Where it is cold.

Franks did not need to help us out as he did. I told him yes, we reeeeeeeally appreciate it. Then I asked him if he was a cookie man or a cake man. Lucky for him there is a baked goods surplus in the freezer. He is a cookie man. As his van is still parked out front, I'd wager he is a snacking at this moment cookie man.

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