Monday, December 13, 2004

Experimenting in the kitchen

I made some cinnamon cookies. If you have ever traveled by air, it is likely you have had my inspiration cookie, the Biscoff. They are crunchy and loaded with cinnamon.

My chocolate chip cookies are pretty crunchy. I use the basic Toll House recipe with a few minor tweaks to make it my own. They are decadent and one is usually enough to satisfy anyone's sweet tooth.

For the first cinnamon experiment, I used the dough part of the Toll House recipe without adding any chips or nuts. I then added two tablespoons of cinnamon. Drop by teaspoonful onto a cookie sheet. Bake at 375 til seemingly done. I rarely time anything.

They were very good. I also took a few and sandwiched some fat free Cool Whip in between them and stuck them on the freezer shelf. Woo.

I think tomorrow will be another baking day. I will decide before yoga what to bake so I can pick up any needed ingredients on the way home.

In other news, tonight I spoke to the wasband. I managed to be very matter of fact without raising my voice once. I was interested in telling him about Aunt Patty's plan and nothing more. He seemed rather receptive and then had the nerve to ask me if I sent xmas gifts for our son yet. Even though that really pissed me off, I remained quite calm.

He said: Did you send his presents?
I said: I have not gotten anything to send yet and will not get paid again until 12/24.
H: Oh, so it will be late.
I: (unimaginably calm and cool) Well, I am still not sure. You know, the last time I spoke to him was 3 days before his birthday (October when he turned 14), and I do not even know if he got that gift. Then my dad said he still has not cashed the check that he sent either. So neither of us is sure if we send something that he gets it or if it is still a good address since it is no longer a good phone number.
H: Why would the address not be good?
I: Well, when he was here visiting this summer, he was on the phone with your "ladyfriend" (yes, I said it with the sarcasm the quotes imply, but only because when my son called her that, he put finger quotes around it in the air, so I suppose I was less than calm for a brief moment) and he asked her if she had his room at her place ready yet.
H: Oh. No the address is still good.
H: He said he called you recently.
I: Well, yes. He called on Thanksgiving but I was out of the service area of my cell phone. So when he said call me back at this number, the number was not captured leaving me with no way to contact my son for the past two months now.
H: No cell service?
I: Yeah, I was on vacation in California. (Silence.) With Elizabeth. (More silence.) It was great, thanks for asking.
H: I'll have him call you.
I: Thanks. Click.

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