Saturday, December 11, 2004

The holiday baking has begun

E has an ambitious list of peeps to send cookies to, so the baking has begun. Tonight I made chocolate chip with pecan. Tomorrow I think I will make chocolate chip sans pecans, and maybe a cinnamon pecan cookie. I am also considering doing some sort of spiced nuts and some fudge, though I might let the fudge wait til next week.

In addition to the cookies, I need to make some pound cakes. I still need to figure out how many of those I need to make. One I need for the work xmas party which is next Friday. I also need one for Alonzo the yard man. Maybe just one more to have some here in the freezer.

I think I might look at the big cookie cookbook tomorrow and try to find a new cookie recipe to try. I know there is a recipe in Sarah McLachlan's cookbook for Writer's Block Cookies, so I might look that up too.

And tonight, the words noodle kugel came up in conversation. That means looking through The Jewish Cookbook again.


Anonymous said...

mmmmm...noooooodle kugel....

Anonymous said...

Pound cake, you say? *drool*

You wouldn't happen to want to share that recipe, would you? I have yet to find a recipe for pound cake that's any good, which is really, really sad.

And, I'm not sure what noodle kugel is, but now I want some...

Jen Queerly Canadian