Sunday, December 26, 2004

iBook G4

My neice got one of these for xmas and is loving it. I am really missing my laptop lately and will soon be able to replace it. Any one wanting to weigh in on the mac/pc debate with advice, please comment.

Last night was the first annual WTXB. There were 7 of us in all and we had a pretty nice time. I am thinking that this should be an annual event. Next year we have been invited to Dallas for xmas, so perhaps it will be come a Solstice or New Year's buffet. Lots to consider in making the decision.

My wings were falling off the bone. I finally realized that the stock produced from the roasting process is liquid gold and should not be poured down the drain. There are 4 cups of it sitting in the fridge and I am not sure if I will make a soup with it, or if I will use it for a chicken and rice pot.

Everything else was damn good, too, and there are plenty of leftovers to nibble on today. The Edward's chocolate sundae pie remains in the freezer forgotten, though I might go get a slice for breakfast. Or maybe that is for a late dessert.

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