Saturday, January 01, 2005

Feliz Año Nuevo

It's 2005! That means my baby ( my oldest, that is) is going to be 20 in 13 days. I really did not have a problem turning 40 last year, but my baby turning 20 really knocks it home. That, and the book I bought on a recent book whoring outing with CJ, Lesbians at Midlife: The Creative Transition. It is an anthology of lesbians 40-60 and it is on the 'to read' shelf at the bottom of the pile. I think I might change my recently read list to a to read list. But just maybe.

Last night we went to Slick Willie's to shoot pool and entertain the young hetero's. It was Friday night and that's what we generally do on Friday night. A little ol' thing like NYE is not going to get in our way. Our regular grrl was working and I will be damned if I am ever going to remember her name. She has been our bargrrl for the better part of 2004. I always want to say Stephanie, but I am pretty sure that just isn't right. Most nights she does have a name tag on, but not last night, so 'Hey' was all she got.

Before SW we ate at Mo Mong, one of my favorites for sure. I really could eat there several times a week. Last night I had the Kyoto noodles with chicken. I decided then and there it was time to go buy some udon noodles and experiment with them at home. Udon noodles are a lot like the noodles in Franco American canned macaroni and cheese. You know you ate it when you were a kid. It is right up there with canned ravioli (or pasta squares as my 3 yr old nephew insists...may you never call them ravioli in his presence and witness him turning blue) and my favorite guilty pleasure, Spaghettios with meat balls.

E had Ga Luc Lac, another favorite, and we split the mango spring rolls of course.

Before MM, I took a nap. I was up and wide awake at 1:37am and then went to work 8-3. Right around 1 in the afternoon I began to notice I was miskeying every transaction I rang into the register. Not a good thing for a commission department. E met me at JCP at 3 and we shopped a little. Jeans and a few shirts made it home and a set of 5 pieces of luggage wgich retails at $250, was on sale at 70% off and with my discount we nabbed for $62 and some change. Deep red. Look for us at an airport near you.

We were home right around 11 last night, and right after midnight we hit the sack to get right to work on last year's resolution number 2. That was E's resolve to have sex daily. I think we finished off last year at about 330some days, but we know we can do better!! We are 1/1 for the new year!

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