Wednesday, January 05, 2005

So someone at JCP is a dumbshit

Don't you just love it when your company decides to outsource the HR department so that nobody really knows what is going on or how to remedy a pay issue? One would think that 5 years later, someone would understand the system. Is that not a reasonable presumption? To date they owe me about $430 in back pay from the 18th of December when I switched positions. Somehow the coding was not done properly for the switch. The funny thing is, it is not really a strain for me at the moment, and I will like it when I finally get the adjusted check, hopefully next payday, but it is irritating as all hell that noone seems to know the answer to remedy the error. Bob is on it and I have faith that he is really on it, nt just "on it" in a check's-in-the-mail sort of way. Of course, he made the error in the first place.

Should I be asking for interest?

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Anonymous said...

Definitely ask for interest. It never hurts to ask, and you never know - you might be pleasantly surprised.