Sunday, January 16, 2005

Feliz Navidad

For those of you not in the know, today is xmas!

E and I decided to defer gifting until after our budget opened up a lttle. That was last Monday, so this weekend, logically, is xmas. Last night was xmas eve and we opened gifts.

Let me share some of the loot(in no particular order and not a complete list):

Crossroads cd(promo cd from vh1 and a MAJOR SCORE!)
Sarah McLachlan Afterglow live dvd which we promptly watched
Numerous lesbo dvds which I am too lazy to get to list
Buddhist temple statuary for my altar maybe
Barefoot Contessa Paris cookbook (can you believe E bought me a cookbook??)
beaded stitched journal (a journal!!!)
Rachel Ray $40 a day book
Ginger perfume from Origins
other misc stuff

I will take some pics maybe to post as I remember to do so.

When we go to Slick Willie's to shoot pool, I usually drop a fiver into the jukebox so we can listen to music we like and not the woe is me boy crap often played there. I always do a ritual cleansing of the juke box and start off with the grrly holy trinity, You Oughtta KNow,Edge of Seventeen, and Bring MeSome Water.

Bring Me Some Water is a live duet by Melissa Etheridge and Joan Osborne off the Crossroads cd. Just awesome. Now we can lesten to it anywhere!!

We are heading out to xmas breakfast at Empire Cafe where I am having the Italian toast. Yumm. Then I might ask we go to the Galleria and the Apple store to see if they have a slim case for the iBook that I like. If not, it's over to the Container Store for the one I saw there.

Happy Holidays!!

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