Wednesday, January 12, 2005

Mac attack

So, I am liking it...

From offline notes I made yesterday:
"Sucky that you have to be a tmobile wireless customer to use the hot spot available at starbucks...major disappointment, but i can at least still sit here and work...maybe get more work done without being able to be online."

I had asked at Starbucks about wireless connection availability and the dude said they had access. In retrospect, i realize i should have asked if they offered *FREE* wireless. They don't.

As a Tmobile hotspot, they offer a are a Tmobile subscriber. Oh, at the monthly fee of $29.99, or a pay as you go with a $6 minimum for the first hour and then .10 a minute thereafter.

Someone is on crack. I think I will just stay with the other cafes that offer *FREE* wireless access. The places I prefer are not convenient to work, but there is a Panera Bread just down the street which will work fine for me.

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