Sunday, January 09, 2005


Just as I thought might happen, I left the meditation teaching after the morning session. I really was liking it and I did want to stay for the afternoon. I just know myself too well. I was feeling a little overwhelmed by all the info and the presence. It really was something divine. I had the feeling that if I had stayed for the afternoon that it would be a case of too much information. I spoke to the Rinpoche's translator and told her to convey my thanks and assurance that I intended no disrespect, but that I felt I had a digestible amount to wrap my mind around and that I would not be returning after lunch.

I then met E at home and we went to the Galleria to check out the Apple store. If anything else is predictable, I will have a 12 inch G4 iBook up and running by this time tomorrow.

No expectations = no disappointments. Time to make some real mac-n-cheese.

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