Monday, January 24, 2005


Ahhhhhhhhhh...that is the sigh of the old couch leaving the building.

Well, it has not exactly left yet, but it should be exiting by noon today.

Yesterday, after a hmmmm......loungy morning in bed, we got up around noon thirty and went for breakfast. Empire Cafe was packed, Cafe Artiste had parking but no table, so we just went to La Madeleine.

Once we were out, the plan for E to go into work to finish up some signs was bagged and we decided to go to the container store. There are some cd storage boxes I wanted her approval on and it was really going to be just a look and see type trip.

We decided to get different ones than I had initially thought (which were not quite what I wanted anyway, I was sort of settling from being tired of looking). They are a silk fabric covered box in a jewel tone sort of cover. We picked up three and will see from there if we need more and how many we think we might want. I am thinking we should get three more at least to account for expansion so that in the future if they are discontinued and we need more we are not SOL.

We also got a small step can trash can for the bathroom since the dogs, two of them anyway, have had a recent affinity for the bathroom trash. E said "Today, I want one now!"

Of course, it is impossible to go to The Container Store and not go to Storehouse Furniture which is right next door. We have been salivating over the furniture at Storehouse for a couple of years now. I dub it 'adult furniture' as opposed to transitional furniture from Ikea, which in some situations *can* be adult furniture.

At some point in the past year, we were driving around and saw a Storehouse clearance center. OMG. A lot of the stuff they have is incomplete sets, stuff refused due to damage, special orders that were cancelled or returned, or stuff just discontinued. We have been watching there randomly for stuff we know we want.

We decided to stop by yesterday and see what was there. E was just having an intuitive moment or something, and what a delight that she was.

We got our bed frame, returned because it had a slight nick on one of the back legs, a chaise for the bedroom which I can sink into for reading or writing with my laptop, a couch which was half price because it is part of a group and it was sitting there so lonely. We also picked up a coordinating armless side chair which I adore and E is about 80% on. Her 20% not loving it is because it is armless, but it is an oversized chair, so she conceded. We still have some more pieces we are hoping to get there, and Michelle, our Storehouse clearance girl, will be on the lookout for us. I think two side tables matching our bed and a leather chair or two and some stools for the kitchen island round out our current list.

While we were out shopping we went into DSW which is also in the same parking lot. Actually, we went in there first. E was very disciplined and just got a new pair of running shoes. I got three new pair of shoes but they all validate the one in one out closet rule, so I am purging three pair of shoes today, too.

I got a pair of brown slides with about an inch and a half platform sole and I think they are Minnetonka. The brand means nothing because they felt like butter on my feet as I slid them on. I also got a pair of black slides from Duck Head, slightly less sole, equally comfortable. The final score is a pair of Steve Madden black eather flats. Very flat, very casual loafer like, and slipper feeling. Definitely, I will be going back for the same Steve Madden shoe in brown after the first of the month.

Time to do the furniture dance.


Zooey said...

Dude, we totally got our sofa from the same place! The Storehouse Clearance store is tops!

Wait, shhhhhhh...let's keep it between us.

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