Saturday, January 08, 2005

Good freakin morning

I was awake 15 minutes ago. Just awake. Actually, I think I was awake nearly an hour ao but did not get out of bed until 15 minutes ago. It is more new job schedule weirdness. I worked 2-9 last night and when E called me at 1ish to tell me she tried calling me at work only to be told I was not there, I realized this was the first Friday night I had been scheduled since going back to work more than a year ago.

At about 7:30 last night I felt cheated, beecause in reality, I should have been at the pool hall having a beer or two. Let's just add insult to injury and go in to work this morning from 8-2. At least I have 2 days off before I have to work 5 days in a row. My body will be in full on revold after that. Right up to xmas eve.

Yes, I said xmas eve. That is next Saturday, the logic being that xmas is Sunday, January 16th. We decided to postpone gifting until the budget opened up a little after vacation recovery. That happens on Monday, and I then get to fall into the rush of trying to xmas shop for she who is dearest and sweetest around my 5 days of working. Before work here. After work there. On my lunch break. I am going to love it.

I also proposed hanging xmas lights on the outside of the house next Friday for the weekend. We'll see.

In addition to this, Spanish class begins on Monday, too. I am ripping the cds right now. Trying to anyway.

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