Friday, November 21, 2003

Money woes answered, now relying on the USPS...I am not sure that I like that much at all.

On another note, I finally picked up the current issue of Poets & Writers magazine and there are a few contests I am considering entering, if, of course, the money woes are resolved before the deadlines. One such thng that was intrigueing was for a 7 month writer's fellowship in Provincetown for winter 2004. I really want to enter this, but I will not because I do not think I am quite ready for it. It has gotten me to thinking though, of how my girlfriend would react to the news (when I win) that I would be spending 7 months in P-town, lesbian capitol of the east coast. I am thinking she might not be thrilled with the news. Anybody had a similar experience? I think it is something I will inquire about at least in a hypothetical sense.

I have had similar conversations with her as I was once hot on the idea of going somewhere where I know not a soul to write for 3 months. I read bananie, linked on the left, and she did this last year in Ireland. Initially, E thought I should do this and really look into making it happen. As time wore on and we discussed it further, she was suddenly saying 6 weeks would be a good time frame...then it was suddenly 3 weeks, leading me to believe she was not fond of the idea at all.

Maybe if I start working on her now, i can apply this time next year for a fellowship for 2005.

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