Thursday, July 17, 2003

Why do busy, unproductive days always make me feel as if I really *have* accomplished something? I got up this morning and took my gf to work, then I went to meet up with a friend who needed some help moving supplies for a seminar she is conducting over the weekend. I dropped her ar her hair appointment, and then I finished the distribution for Emerald Pillows. I even had lunch at Cafe Artiste, and got a cookie at The Chocolate Bar for dessert.

The one thing I did not do, was any constructive work writing. I also have a few other things to accomplish tonight. I am going on a weekend retreat of sorts, and will be baking cookies with a group of kids who will be present, so I need to haul together the recipes and ingrediants for this. I also need to further research tee shirt wholesalers and printers for a side project I have slacked off on a little. Oh, and I need to pack, which includes going by Target for sunscreen and bugspray.

At least now I have a list.

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