Saturday, July 26, 2003

Today was somewhat productive. I got up and finished some cleaning, then around noontime, K and her son (B) came over and we did some outside sprucing up. One of my little projects was to pry up some bricks that have been in residence over on the side yard for a while. I am going to make a small raised bed and plant some Cannas that K removed from her yard. They are 5-6 feet tall, and will make a nicer view out the kitchen window than the bare old wood fence.

We are eventually going to have that portion of the yard as part of the deck, but it will be a long while before that is done. I decided about a month ago that I will take on the project of making that side of the house more user friendly. It is currently little more than a storage alleyway with dirt under foot. It is where the water hose access is, as well as the side gate yard access where the trash comes in and out. There are remnants of a bed there already on the house side, and roughly 7 feet between the house and the fence. There is also a huge pecan tree there whose root system makes a smooth pathway less than attainable.

I am going to have a 2 foot bed along either side, and then do a path of some sort of pavers from the gate along to the back patio. I cannot just take on the entire poject at once, but i can begn by getting this bed in and then getting the pavers here and there as i can afford them. I have also considered seeing if there is a brick slavage place here in Houston to see if I might find a better deal for materials. It will give me something to do, and make our home more functional.

I hope the Cannas survive the transplanting and look as good tomorrow evening as they do sitting in their bags and propped in place today.

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