Friday, July 25, 2003

Just in from an evening of mindless entertainment at Dave & Buster's. Gotta love that place. What else could adequately take the place of going to see Lara Croft on her opening night? The megaplex we favor is no fun on a weekend night...way too crowded, so I opted to postpone my date with Lara for a few days in favor of D&B.

I played some Chips Away and just blindly added the tickets I won to my power card. I do not think I have actually redeemed any points the past few times I have been there, and I had planned to pick up a rice cooker and a spice grinder tonight, but they were out of them. Instead, I opted to pick up some stuffed toys for Miss Nola.

I brought home Big Bird, Elmo, and Cookie Monster. They had Ernie as well, but you just can not get Ernie if they don't have Bert. That is just wrong. I told the counter manager as much and he was just not following. I tried to explain to him that Ernie and Bert are a duo. A pair. I told him it is just wrong that they have Ernie and not Bert. They are a couple, I finally said.

Then I told him I was shocked that D&B was so homophobic and that they should not so blatantly discriminate.

He still had no clue.

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