Sunday, July 20, 2003

I just got back from an unplugged weekend and it was something next to divine. My girlfriend went with me out to Margaret Austin Center (MAC). It is a spiritual retreat center about an hour from Houston, in Chapel Hill, TX. They were holding an open house and the weekend was the ultimate relaxation experience.

I went to a retreat at MAC in February and thoroughly enjoyed myself, so when Kathryn, my yogi mentioned the open house, I was certain I would be attending, and I was pretty sure my girlfriend would want to go as well. I volunteered to bake cookies with the under 4-11 set, and that was an enjoyable experience, too.

There were two yoga sessions on Saturday, and free dance was scheduled both Friday and Saturday evenings, as well as several different meditation sessions. I just like the entire experience of the energy this place has to offer, and just being there is its own reward.

There was talk of another open house in December, possibly, and my girlfriend and I have begun scheming to do an Emerald Pillows anniversary weekend in March '04.

The wheels are in motion.

We ate completely vegetarian this weekend and everything was delicious. On Friday night we had stuffed zucchini which was quite enjoyable, served with a green salad and bread. For breakfast Saturday, there was granola, yogurt, and bananas, and for lunch Saturday, a cold pureed vegetable soup, a rice and black bean with corn salad, with tossed green salad once again and fresh made corn muffins with cranberries added. We also cut up a watermelon for a lunchtime desert. Dinner on Saturday was a Mexican fusion style meal of mole, tortillas, a tomato, avocado and cheese salad, some rice with pumpkin seeds and cilantro, some chalupas, and a second poblano sauce. Also, a drink called Jamaica was served which is brewed and sweetened hibiscus flowers. I missed breakfast on Sunday morning, but managed to have the leftover cookie dough from my baking time with the kids, chef's priveledge...

I think we will also be going out there to cut some bamboo for the fence we are thinking of making to define the front corner of our property. There is plenty growing wild out there, and it needs constant thinning out. E has also proposed taking on the project of defining the path through the woods to the creek, which in itself is a several weekend undertaking.

I had intended on using the weekend for writing and organization of writing, but it was equally beneficial to just use it to recharge.

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