Monday, July 21, 2003

Parents can be such a challenge. I just spoke to my mom for about half an hour. She has been staying at her ill sister's house for most of the last year with a few short trips home to catch up with her little world. She is currently home for about a month, and I have to basically ask her yes and no questions because she does not want to share too much information while my dad can overhear. Her code is so unnecessary, as my dad really could not care less. He sometimes does the same thing though, so it is really quite comical.

Sometimes I just wish that they would admit how much happier they both are apart, and realize that their baby, umm, me, is nearly 39, and will not be crushed should they make the seperate lives a permanent solution.

I went to cut hair for some clients/friends tonight and made a few extra bucks, so that was nice. I am hoping that tomorrow will be a nice day, and after yoga I can find the farmer's market Paul told me about. If I can, and if they have some good pickings, I might stop by Whole Foods and get some fish for dinner. Maybe I will do fish regardless of what I find to supplement it. After eating vegetarian all weekend, I am trying to keep it light. We'll see how long that lasts.

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