Monday, July 21, 2003

I am just back from picking up the pups from the boarding house. Nola and Sawyer were extremely happy to see me and are both happy to be home. They are running around like the psycho animals that they are, and it makes me wonder what in the world is possessing me to think we should add Conan to the mix. A third dog might just be too much, but he is so small, I can't imagine that he will make things any more challenging than they already are.

It was weird coming home yesterday and not having them here. I enjoyed the peace while it lasted, and it was certainly nice to be intimate with my girlfriend and not have to push Nola out of the way or look to see her watching. Sawyer has already decided on his own that when the humans are doing it, he would rather move out to the couch. Nola does not yet realize that she is not going to miss anything.

The owner of the boarding house said that Nola barks at everything, to which I replied "Duh," and Sawyer shredded every towel she gave him to lay with. That was also a duh, but we have not had to crate him in a while, so I did not have it on my mind to tell her he does not deserve a towel in his crate. She wrote it on his card for next time, so she has his number.

I thnk they will be regulars there now, and when we go to NYC in October, or wherever else we end up going, they will be back to see her. We were really impressed with the time she took to meet them when we dropped them off, too, so it was a good experience.

Over the weekend, I read Immaculate Midnight by Ellen Hart, and In Her Shoes by Jennifer Weiner. I enjoyed both books, but wished they had stretched out just a little longer. I am going to begin The Woman Who Found Grace by Bett Reece Johnson sometime today. Her books take me a little while to get into, so I read her slower, and expect I might be on this book for a week. Maybe. I really should have let Harry Potter stretch out a little longer than three days, because I am sure it will be more than a year before we see or hear of the next one in the series.

There isn't really much else going on at the moment. I really wanted to take care of getting my car back on the road, and it seems there is an issue with either the fuel pump or maybe the battery or some fuses. Regardless of what it is, I do not have the extra cash for anything repair wise, and it will just have to sit and wait. Before I do that I need to mail off the check for renewing my hair license so I can return to the salon at JC Penney, if I ever really make up my mind about where I want to return to work. Also, yoga begins again this week, so I am looking forward to regaining that balance.

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