Friday, July 25, 2003

I went to visit Conan yesterday. Conan is a chocolate colored, three year old Chihuahua who is currently residing at Special Pals, the shelter where I adopted Nola. He is a pretty sick pup, and is currently in the middle of his heartworm treatment. He is not handling it well at all, but I am glad he is at least getting treatment. He also has a nasty ear infection.

I went out to visit him, and sit with him for a while, and it is so annoying that I cannot pre-adopt him. I understand all the reasons why, and I understand that they need to insure his treatment is thorough, but it is somewhat unnerving that I consider him to be ours already, and in reality, someone else could scoop him up once he is eligible for adoption. I will have to just sit vigilantly, waiting for that day.

Last night, we went to the 7 pm yoga class, and I learned I really prefer the intimacy of the much smaller daytime class. After yoga it was off to Empire Cafe for some pizza and visiting with my girlfriend's sister K. She and her son are coming by tomorrow which means sprinkler play...yippee!

The dogs are currently resting, and the plants have all been fertilized. Next on my Friday agenda is bathing the dogs. One of them is not going to like it at all and I think I will wait for the teenager's help.

I also made a batch of Snicker's ice cream for my hair stylist, D, who I used to work with and who will never let me pay her. I saw her yesterday, finally , for a new 'do, and asked her what her favorite candy bar is so I could bring her a surprise. She would not answer, but said anything with chocolate and nuts will do. I hope she does not share the loot with her coworkers. She might give them a taste, but I think she will enjoy it enough to want to take it home. It came out most delicious.

Are you bored yet?

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