Thursday, May 19, 2005

Who knew?

I discovered a new button in my iTunes program last night. Shuffle. Duh. I put on my ear buds and hit play in my music library and then the shuffle button. Since I have loaded only artists I like, the resulting shuffle is pretty awesome. Interesting to go from Sinean O'Connor to Dead Can Dance to Sting to Sarah McLachlan, etc. I don't know why I haven't pushed the shuffle button before. I guess the graphic being different it just didn't strike me to see what the button does.

I am going to yoga this morning and to see my friend Hitaji this afternoon. Hitaji does a radio show on KPFT called Earth 101. There is an archive link that has audio files of past shows that you can listen to. She will be officiating at our gala in July and we are going to talk about what she will actually do. It will make for an interesting ceremony, whatever "it" is.

Other than that, I think it will be a pretty light day. I noticed that my work in progress link is on a page that I no longer remeber the password for, so I might begin to transfer that content to a different page. Also pics coming today of the new projects. That's the plan.


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