Monday, May 09, 2005

And now, back to our regularly scheduled programming...

I am just back from dropping Kimi back off at the airport. Sigh. It was a fabulous weekend starting with a bit of time to visit after Kimi arrived on Friday. Then it was off to ladies night out with friends. There were eight of us all together and we met at St Pete's for Margaritas. We had appetizers while we waited for everyone to arrive, then we headed around to the other side of the block to Cabo.

Once we got to Cabo we had to wait a bit for a table. Once seated, the Margaritas were again flowing. I had shrimp tacos and they were just right. After Cabo we went down the street to Char Bar. It used to be Duke's Tailors. Tailoring still goes on and just inside the door there are two or three antique shoe shine stands where you can still get a shine if you need one. Of course, Margaritas were an offering there as well.

I thought we were going to go to another bar across the street. The eight of us were standing on the corner ready to cross and discussing what to do next. The bar across the street was calling and we could have been standing in there with a drink discussing. I decided to cross the street thinking everyone would folllow. Four of us ended up across the street and the other four had simultaneously decided we should drive to Chances.

We caved and went to Chances. It ended up being a good decision and we had a good time there. A couple of beers and dances later, four of us decided it was time to go home. That was around midnight. The rest of us were not convinced and decided to stay out. Afterall, we were at Chance, *and* we were having a good time. That does not often happen, and if nothing else, we learned that Chances is best braved as a group.

Those of us who stayed toured the rest of the bar and then decided to go over to Slick Willies to shoot some pool. We had parked over there and had a beer when we arrived, but then told Scott, the manager we would be back before the evening ended for another. So along with a few more beers, Kimi and I both did four shots. Scott is such a bad influence. He bought us a round of Lemon Drops. Now Mimi and E both declined. E always declines liquor of any kind with Amaretto straight up being the only exception. So that meant that Kimi and I were forced to consuime 2 shots each in rapid succession. A little pool and a lot of silliness later, we had eached had two Red Headed Sluts. Yumm.

We gave Mimi a ride home, luckily, E had the sense at some point to stop drinking. We got home and hit the bed at about 2:30. I had to get up at 6 and work 8-4. Ahem. I made it and was tired, but fortunately for me, I just don't get hungover. I did take a moment to evaluate if I was ok to drive, and after a shower to wake me more fully, I knew I was ok.

On Saturday night we went to a lovely dinner, just me, E and Kim, to DiVino. We sat there and had a lovely time eating and drinking. I had the most perfect meal that night and after hopping around the menu there over several visits, I might never order anything but the beef tenderloin salad again. Beef, baby spinach, mixed greens, walnuts, glazed figs, gorgonzola. It was just perfect.

Sunday brought the breakfast run and a trip to the farmer's market. We had Kolaches from Olde Towne and Chai from Starbucks on the way to the market. We got mostly fresh fruit to carry us through to Thursday when we head out to New Orleans for the weekend. We were then home for a litytle while before heading back out to the Galleria where I got some tea from Teavana. We walked the mall for a bit then scored a seat at the bar at the Cheesecake Factory. There we had avocado eggrolls and panfried dumplings.

We went home after that and I made cookies. Then we hit Empire Cafe for dinner and went to Beth's for the L Word.

This morning was sad because Kimi had to go, but she will be back in July with her gf Susan.


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