Saturday, May 21, 2005

girls night out

Just in from the pub. Actually, tonight began as a side jjob for me as I went to Beth's to cut some hair. Irina had to work late so she will get done Monday night. Mimi had a humidity awakening, it was 96 degrees today, and realized she should wait to cut her naturally curly hair until it is a little longer or a little less humid. That left Beth and her sister Julie. Julie drove in from Austin for the experience and was back on the road minutes after I set my scissors down.

After hair cuts we went to Onion Creek for hot dogs and beer. E and had a late lunch at Pappasito's so we just went for the company and the beer. It had cooled to about 84 degrees and was a nicenight to sit outside on the patio and shoot the bull.

Prior to all this but after our late lunch, E and I went to target to pick up a back yard covered gazebo thing. tomorrow Beth is coming over to brunch to help E set it up. It's nice to have a friend who likes to help out in this way. See previous post!

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